The Mental Network

“The Mental Network” is an interactive project, initially created in 2007. It is a combination of a website that is accessible to everyone, and a physical installation that is directly connected to this website (functional only during the time of the exhibition).
Everyone is invited to share their thoughts by answering one question :

“What are you thinking about ?”

This simple question can be answered in countless ways, from the lightest to the most intimate thoughts. The answers entered via the website feed the art installation in real time. Each answer is printed out by the installation and thus ensures a progressive extension thereof. The website remains accessible until the exhibition ends. The interactive artwork that is being created is constantly changing, inviting visitors to take a peek into someone else’s mind.

The Mental Network, (Brussels, Belgium) 2020

The Mental Network (before), (Brussels, Belgium) January 2020

The Mental Network (after), (Brussels, Belgium) June 2020

The Mental Network (Archive Box), June 2020

Read the full report of the show here.

Rapport complet de l’exposition en version française ici.