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“Born in Lyon (France) in 1988, Stéphane Roy escaped a broken childhood and continued his fractured journey of growth by starting an artistic career at young age. He started out with drawings, street art and video performances. Later on he started exploring photography,  installations and sculptures. Throughout his work, he presents different forms of “human tensions” in their relations between themselves, the others and the world.

He graduated in 2012 as Master in Science of Art from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Stéphane Roy currently lives and works in Brussels.


Artistic practice – His work of research is developed as an extensive study of the human condition in the form of a social and a societal radiography. He explores different mediums, and begins to intervene in public spaces through a series of performances entitled Les Perturbations Quotidiennes (The Daily Interferences). Through this series, each performance creates a form of interference in the monotonous daily life of people. Those people become the first spectators as well as the subjects of these actions. Their filmed reactions are an integral part of the process.

In 2008 he started using photography to develop this path further and continue to question humans and the world around him. However, he gradually creates various narrative forms in his pictures, in a cinematographic perspective. Throughout his personal work you will meet different characters who are being confronted with themselves, others and the world. Each photograph is an autonomous piece of work, containing different levels of interpretation. The spectator gets invited to enter these worlds and reflect upon them.

Stéphane’s work has been published and exhibited at many different places. For a full overview, please click here.

Curator & Artistic Direction – Stéphane Roy specialized himself in the development of cultural and artistic projects by working as art director and as curator. Since 2010 he’s been working for different art galleries, events and institutions as well as for multiple exhibitions. His intentions to create dialogues are also continuig through his curatorial research and various projects dedicated especially to the young emerging artists; as well as new forms of practices that define the world of tomorrow.

In addition to building various projects, exhibitions, events, etc, Stephane develops a work of Conversations with artists worldwide, but also people from various fields.” (K.S)

For an overview of a selection of his curatorial projects, please click here.