The Laboratory of Anger Management

The Laboratory of Anger Management, Stéphane Roy, Paris 2016

Title : The Laboratory of Anger Management

Description : A structure dedicated to releasing destructive impulses is set up, offering the onlooker the possibility to destroy various objects, in a furnished and decorated scenescape (the aim is to propose all kind of materials picked up from the streets, where the citizen are throwing away their own belongings).
The whole room is equipped with cameras that record everything that takes place both inside and outside the room.
Before going in the room, the spectator-actor must follow a post-ritual that starts with the signature of a release. Then they are given a protective suit to wear before accessing the room. An aluminium baseball bat is provided.
The last instruction is given : “You have 30 seconds inside the room”.

Media : Participative installation

Location : Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2016) & Donaufestival, Austria (2017)

Year : ongoing since 2016

Stephane Roy, Laboratory of Anger Management, Palais de Tokyo, 2016 - Photography by Patrick Siboni (4)