Welcome to my 10 WEEKS unemployment residency program

Introduction Stephane Roy 10 WEEKS

Following a restructuring project, I recently learned of my dismissal. I decided to turn this delicate experience into an opportunity for research, reflection and artistic (re)action : The 10 WEEKS unemployment residency program !
During the delivery of my 10 weeks notice, I’m questionning about the situation we go through, as a man, as a citizen and as an artist in this modern society, and more specifically in relation to work.

This project was born of a spontaneous initiative in response to the announcement of my upcoming dismissal. It is an extension of my work around human complexity, whether in community, in its relationship to otherness or to oneself.

During 10 weeks, each new day draws the progressive construction of a large body of projects gathering all types of mediums (photo, video, painting, installation, sculpture, net art, design, participative works, embroidery, …).

The whole approach addresses many themes and issues related to our relationship to the world of work. From our own identity and behavioral relationship to our relationship with others and with the society we are part of, this project tends to become a global and complex study, fully connected to the tools and contexts of our time.

The results of this work-in-progress are still unknown. This can very well generate 10 as 100 proposals and final achievements. All of these 10 WEEKS can also lead to an exhibition, a publication, or to many collaborations with artists, curators and / or personalities from various fields.

The goal of future achievements will be to create a space for action, reflection and dialogue. The project will therefore take on a more open, inclusive and participative dimension.


DAY 1 : Introduction



DAY 2 : The Enveloppe (back), photography, 40x40cm, Brussels 2017

The Enveloppe (back)


DAY 3 : Hire me / Fire me (diptych part 1), photography, 60x80cm, Brussels 2017

Hire me Fire me diptych part 1


DAY 4 : Hire me / Fire me (diptych part 2), photography, 60x80cm, Brussels 2017

Fire me


DAY 5 : The Envelope (front), indian ink painting, 100×70,5cm, Brussels 2017

The Envelope Front, 100x70,5cm, indian ink


DAY 6 : Hey!…, public interventions, 21 x 29,7cm, Brussels 2017


DAY 7 : CV Stephane Roy 2017, public interventions (photos + videos), cardboard, 74 x 49 cm, Brussels 2017



DAY 8 : Sorry your lunch was fired, photography, 60 x 40 cm, Brussels 2017

"Sorry your lunch was fired", photography, 60x40 cm, Brussels 2017


DAY 9 : 7h36 punished in the corner, photograph from a performance, 60 x 40 cm, Brussels 2017

7h36 performance, Stephane Roy


DAY 10 : Burning computer (from the Burning series), still image from a video, Brussels 2017



DAY 11 : Hello I’m Fired, stickers, Brussels 2017



DAY 12 : The Letter (atelier view), painting, indian ink, 70 x 100 cm, Brussels 2017



DAY 13 : Fired essentials kit, collaboration graphique avec le brainwashconcept, Brussels 2017



DAY 14 : Burning Garland (from the Burning series), still image from a video, Brussels 2017

burning garland


DAY 15 : Keep Smiling, photography, Brussels 2017

Keep smiling


DAY 16 : Kit Stephane Roy, collaboration graphique avec le BrainwashConcept, Brussels 2017



DAY 17 : Looking for job, photography, Brussels 2017



DAY 18 : Out of office, photography, Brussels, 2017

Out of office Taking a break on the bridge


DAY 19 : Get out, Brussels, 2017



DAY 20 : The Christmas Tree (from the Burning series), still photograph from a video, Brussels, 2017



DAY 21 : The Five Stages, Embroidery on handkerchief, Brussels, 2017

IMG_9829-Modifier-small IMG_9859-Modifier-small IMG_9867-small


DAY 22 : Do you have a card ?, Participatory installation made of business cards, Various  dimensions, Brussels, 2017



DAY 23 : Working Class Zero (Employee of the Month), photography, Brussels, 2017



DAY 24 : Monday Mood (Coffee Explosion), video, Brussels, 2018

Monday Mood (Coffee Explosion)


DAY 25 : Business cards selfportrait, sculpture made from plaster & business cards, 32 x 30 x 20cm, Brussels, 2018



DAY 26 : The Cover Letters” (from the Trash series), street art installations, mixed media, various dimensions, Brussels, 2018

IMG_0001-Modifier-small IMG_0049-Modifier-small IMG_0071-Modifier-small IMG_0088-Modifier-small IMG_0094-Modifier-small


DAY 27 : Customized Targets, graphic project, Brussels, 2018



DAY 28 : Tinder Me – 1 question, 100 answers, netart / online study / social experiment, Brussels, 2018


I registered myself on Tinder for some days, “swiping right” every single person proposed, no matter the gender, the age or the ethnicity.

I’ve got 400 “Matches”.
For every single person, I’ve wrote the same message :
“Hello dear…,
This a social experiment for artistic purpose.
I’m going to ask you only one question : If there would be any job I could do to make your life better, what job would it be ? What would you hire me for ?
Feel free to explicit your answer as much as you want.
Thank you! :)”

My goal was to reach 100 answers.
I went over it faster than I expected. But I’m especially surprised with all those answers received!

I’m still thinking about the best way to publish this study / social experiment.


DAY 29 : Study of a coffee stain (in progress), Painting, indian ink on canvas, 120 x 120 cm, Brussels, 2018




DAY 30 : Le Mur des Motivations, ou la folie moderne de l’intégration (The Wall of Motivations, or the modern madness of integration) Various dimensions (here : 10 x 4 meters), Brussels, 2018
Large scale installation in situ, made from 400 cover letters that I have written between 2012 and 2017.

IMG_9788-small IMG_9791-Modifier IMG_9779-small


DAY 31 : Floating in Colored Smoke (from the Elevations series), Photography, Brussels, 2018



DAY 32 : Candidature Spontanée, Photography, Brussels, 2018



DAY 33 : Studies of Human Perspectives (the middle finger (tribute to Ai Weiwei) ; thumbs up ; stop/high five ; flowers ; gun), Photography, Brussels, 2018







DAY 34 : Attachment, Photography, Brussels, 2018



DAY 35 : The Walk Home, Video, Brussels, 2018


DAY 36 : The Weight of the World, Photography, Brussels, 2018



DAY 37 : Selling Services, Photography, Brussels, 2018

Selling-Services-1 Selling-Services-2 Selling-Services-3


DAY 38 : Temporary Offices, the full collection (an ongoing project), Photography, Brussels, 2018

For those who are following me on my social networks, you might have seen many posts about my “temporary offices”.
This project just came up like this, as some kind of collecting game resulting from my eye for photography but also about my jobs situations which made me live quite a nomadic life.
Being constantly connected and creative wherever I am, made me consider the importance of all those places where I work, in a way or another.

Now, due to the 10 WEEKS, it is becoming a full book project on itself, or more like a photo album collecting all those fragments and memories of my activities.
Let’s see where this will go…

Temporary-Offices-1-Stephane-Roy Temporary-Offices-2-Stephane-Roy


DAY 39 : Promotional Video Stephane Roy, Videos, Brussels, 2018

text black on white Promo video Stephane Roy 5 (Nora Turell)Promo video Stephane Roy 1 (Marie-Louise Gillain) Promo video Stephane Roy 2 (Stéphane Rimbert) Promo video Stephane Roy 3 (Jacques Henderickx) Promo video Stephane Roy 4 (Yassine Tarsimi)


DAY 40 : Dialogue interculturel, ou l’intégration par confrontation (Intercultural dialogue, or the integration by confrontation), Sculpture/installation, Persian carpet and hundreds of steel nails, 170 x 120 cm, Brussels, 2018

Dialogue-interculturel-1 Dialogue-interculturel-2 Dialogue-interculturel-3 Dialogue-interculturel-4 Dialogue-interculturel-5 Dialogue-interculturel-6


DAY 41 : The Study of Offices Series, Photography (participative project), Worldwide, 2018

I need your help for this one :

1 : Take a picture of your office as it is (or your desk, your studio, your atelier, … whatever that defines your “work-space”).

2 : Send it to me with the following informations : name / age / job title / location

Thank you ! 🙂

This project is part of the ones which will go over the 10 WEEKS. I will continue this study until I consider it done.

Aryoskas, 25, agent I.A (inscription attestation), Actiris, Bruxelles

Aryoskas, 25, agent I.A (inscription/attestation) @Actiris, Brussels


DAY 42 : The Primal Scream Therapy, Videos, Brussels, 2018



DAY 43 : The Day, a theater play (L’Entretien), Scenario for a theater play, Brussels, 2018

This scenario for a theater play is the transcription of the dialogu I had with my employer while he was announcing me my dismissal.

I’m planning to hire an actor and make it play in a theater.



DAY 44 : I ♥ MY BOSS, black paint & blood on tshirt, Brussels, 2018

This is made with my own blood.



DAY 45 : Gotta Catch ‘Em All (“Attrappez les tous!”) Ongoing performance, Brussels, 2018

Identity is a subject that fascinates me, through of our relationship to the reality, the world, to others, to ourselves. We develop fabulous ability to adapt and evolve.

Our being is metamorphosed according to the contexts we are confronted with, like chameleons. Nevertheless, in a society like ours, the richness of the human nature isn’t made to fit into this “mold”, too small, too limiting …

“What will you want to do later?” You certainly remember this question. What were the answers?
And since then, how many roles did you have in your life? How many jobs did you have?

For this project, I decided to study all the layers that make our society, through the job sector.
I created an imaginary work contract (Contrat de Travail Imaginaire : C.T.I.). I will try to embody a maximum of these professions, voluntarily.

This is another a long-term project. Let’s see where will that lead



DAY 46 : The Office Show, Announcement of a curatorial project in progress, Brussels, 2018

It’s already the last week of my 10 WEEKS Unemployment Residency Program !

I would like to announce that I’m currently working on a curatorial project around that theme.
This project for an exhibition (and a potential publication) will bring together artists (both emerging and international), scientists, activists & thinkers from all origins.
This exhibition will be a study bringing together proposals and reflections around the place of being in society, in the working environment in particular.

The exhibition will be first and foremost a place to invite various knowledge, experiences, practices, ideas and reflections from various personalities, cultures and horizons around the world.

It will first take place in Brussels in an authentic workspace, office/workshop type. This place will be an area of appropriation, creation, intervention, presentation, reflection and exchange, eventually leading to the publication of a catalog bringing together all the various forms of contributions.

The final and extra aim of such project is to create possibilities for the exhibition to travel the world aferwards.



DAY 47 : 10 WEEKS, Ongoing project for a novel, Brussels, 2018

I always said that my life has all the ingredients to make a great movie out of it. This current adventure just confirms that fact even more!

And I already mentioned my intention to publish something that will collect everything from my 10 WEEKS Unemployment Residency Program. But the whole full story itself deserves maybe its own book!

So much have happened during the last few months. I have decided to make a novel out of this strong experience rich on content. From the origin of this project until everything that happened through the whole process. I don’t know when this will be done, but it has to happen!

Remember : what you see from what I post online is always a very limited part of the big picture!



DAY 48 : I need a job, videoperformance, Brussels, 2018

As always with my work, I wanted this performance to be the most authentic as possible : fully spontaneous, no rehearsal, done in one shot.

I guess the most difficult part for this one was to find the right “moment” to do it : the perfect correlation between the mind, the context & the mood. So you know, that wasn’t easy at all.

You can watch the full video here : https://youtu.be/768YLvBDXxw

I need a job 1 I need a job 3 I need a job 4 I need a job 9 I need a job 10 I need a job 12


DAY 49 : The Funeral Ceremony, videoperformance (still images from the video), Museum of Industry & Labor (Brussels), 2018

In my opinion, the best way to conclude these 10 WEEKS was by organizing my own “professional” funeral. A funeral ceremony that marks a passage, a transition.
No religious connotation here, but a narrative scheme with the use of some codes.
The different forms of rituals existing across the cultures and tribes that populate the world are very interesting.

For this one, I asked a real undertaker to animate my ceremony.
I invited colleagues, partners, collaborators who crossed my professional path.

My physical presence is a central element, replacing the urn or the coffin.
I remain frozen, like a sculpture, emotionless during the whole ceremony.

The ceremony took place at the Museum of Work and Industry in Molenbeek. I think this was the perfect place to end this adventure.

You will notice in the background a reminder to my installation “The Wall of Motivations”.

1 2 3


DAY 50 : The Business Stone Grave, sculpture (engraved stone on metallic structure), 30 x 22 x 14 cm, Brussels, 2018

That’s the end!
To finish these 10 WEEKS, I decided to make this stone grave, based on the graphics of my last business card. A last memory engraved forever in the stone.

Many things happened during these 10 WEEKS. Many ideas and many projects have also emerged. Some will continue to grow in the weeks and months ahead.

But before looking back on everything that happened, it’s important for me to ask you the question: what did you think about it, about all this ? Did some proposals speak to you more than others ?
Your opinions, your testimonials, your comments are quite important to me.

In the end, everything I do, is the catalyst to trigger opportunities for conversations, dialogues and exchange of thoughts, feelings & emotions.
This is my vision of art.

2 3 4